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The difference between a bracelet and a bangle

Be it man or woman, each of us want to live in style. this style is manifested mainly in the clothes we wear and the accessories we dress ourselves in. More than the outfit, the accessories we wear often catch the attention of the people around us. These accessories could be a watch, a bangle or a bracelet. For both men and women, the most trendiest fashion accessory that is sought-after today is the bangle or bracelet. Of the two, the custom bracelet is more in vogue and demand.

So, what is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle? Let us take a look.

Custom bracelet vs. bangle- what is the difference?

Bangles are mainly feminine accessories worn predominantly by women. Women have been wearing bangles since time immemorial. The bangle was touted as a main piece of jewellery worn as an ornament worn around the wrist by women. Ancient queens always wore golden bangles on their arms. Bangles are made usually of metals like gold, silver, copper, etc. They were enamelled or studded with precious or semi-precious stones for the royalty. The common women wore painted bangles made of glass, clay or even silk threads. In countries like India, the bangle is seen as a symbol of marriage. In Rajput communities, wearing bangles is compulsory for married women. The bangle is usually worn in both hands, at least one on each arm.

The  custom bracelet is a wristband worn on the wrist by both men and women. It is a coloured strap or band that suits people of all ages. Custom bracelets may be made of rubber, plastic, vinyl, silicone, leather, fabric or even beads. But the most popular Custom bracelets are made of silicone as they are  safe, non-allergic, and easily printable.

People think that custom bracelets  are worn mainly for fashion and style. But custom bracelets  are also worn to show the commitment to a social cause. Yellow custom bracelets  denote cancer awareness. Blue custom bracelets  support animal right or child abuse. Pink custom bracelets  are worn for women’s rights. So, custom bracelets  are not a mere fashion accessory but a symbol of social consciousness.

Custom bracelets vs. bangles- which is better?

Custom bracelets are definitely better than bangles for the following reasons.

First of all, bangles are expensive as they are mainly made of costly and precious metals like gold, silver, copper, brass or other alloys. On the other hand, custom bracelets are made mostly of silicone and are pocket-friendly and affordable.

Secondly, being expensive, bangles are worn  only for special occasions. But on the contrary, c custom bracelets are so cheap that you can wear even a different custom bracelet every day to match your dress or outfit.

Bangles have to be handled with care since they are fragile being mostly made of flimsy metal and also cost a fortune, Custom bracelets are ideal for rough use as they are made of sturdy silicone that can withstand any amount of wear and tear.

Bangles are available only in specific colours as they are made of yellow gold or white silver. Custom bracelets come in different colours and designs as they are made of silicone that can be easily dyed. What more, Custom bracelets can even be custom-made to suit your specification or requirement.

Custom bracelets are a big hit among one and all due to 2 main reasons- their  affordability, easy availability and ease of customization. This is why Custom bracelets  are ideal for  marketing sales promotion and branding. Order your custom bracelets today!