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Amazing Movies to Watch Right Now (in USA)

In a Netflix and Chill generation, theatre movies are losing grip. While it’s comfortable to sit at home and watch any movie without a time boundary, there’s nothing comparable to the experience of going out to catch a film. So, for the -watch-at-home audience, here are five fantastic releases this year (already) that you should not miss. To get latest Netflix offers visit

The Post

Release Date: January 12, 2018

Director: Steven Spielberg

The Post is an American political thriller by Steven Spielberg, the master director known to bring the film’s forefront an emotional tension with a manipulative yet exhilarating climax. The Post begins as a controlled procedural around the facts that lie surrounding The Washington Post. The intriguing search for the explosive truth will keep you by the toes until the very end. The Post is based on a true story that hit the authoritarianism of taking the civil right to publish, from the people when the American secret news about the Vietnam War was released in a newspaper. The venture was blocked from publishing later. Spielberg’s film centres around the days that followed that court order, when Graham and her executive editor Ben Bradlee wrestled with the decision to pick up where the Times left off, and continue to report on the documents in the Post. At stake was an expensive legal battle, as well as several of the company’s lucrative television licenses, which the Graham family would lose if they were convicted under espionage laws. To know the end, head out and book a seat. Everyone with a detective eye and love for politics, I repeat, must watch this before it goes off the screen.

Paddington 2

Release Date: January 12, 2018

Director: Paul King

The movie is a sequel to 2014’s Paddington and continues the story where it left off. The bearish film will entangle you into the scenes so much so that you would want to move around icy Antarctica in little shorts. The movie surrounds Paddington Brown living satisfactorily with his human family, voiced innocently by Ben Whishaw and excellently animated by the artisans at Framestore. The enormously likeable bear will charm you without slipping into a sea of sentiments. The plot shows Paddington, set out on a journey to find the desirable present for Aunt Lucy; he comes across an antique pop-up book. But (that’s where it starts!) the cunning Buchanan lays his hands on the book, and the adventure begins. The movie is an example of kindness yet fun and adventurous as an experience.

Phantom Thread

Release Date: January 12, 2018

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

A border-line sick romance, deceptively hidden under the layers of gorgeous surface, Paul Thomas Anderson’s film revolves around the tale of sickening obsession! Phantom Thread is a movie so miraculously executed and gorgeously made that one can outlook its scabrous and prickly ends. This is a romance centred movie that exhibits the self-centred lovers, not willing to shed excess on the relationship, trying to live with one another without compromising and might go the other way round to get their share. Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis, greying, fastidious, never unpersuasive) rules his private corner of London’s 1950s haute fashion world. When his character woos a lowly waitress, Alma, onto his tailoring pedestal to be his new lust object, you cringe on her behalf. But the absolute joy lies to watch Alma turn the tables while Woodcock starts bickering. The film has a flirtatious nature with exciting scenes to savour.

The Commuter

Release Date: January 12, 2018

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Not a typical Liam Neeson movie, yet too intense with a nail-biting climax. The commuter is a mystery-crime film that involves an insurance salesman, Michael (Liam Neeson) on his daily commute home becoming a routine. Michael is forced to reveal the identity of a hidden passenger on his train, before the last stop. While he works under the clock to solve the puzzle, he realises being caught up in a deadly plan that involves a criminal conspiracy. From the directors of Non-Stop and The Shallows, a thriller-action movie worth a widescreen!

12 Strong

Release Date: January 19, 2018

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

12 Strong is an American war drama film which tells us the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; all led under the leadership of their new captain Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) to take down the Taliban and their Al-Qaeda allies in Afghanistan. Before the dangerous mission, they have to convince the Afghan Warlord-Northern Alliance General Dostum (Negahban) to join hands with them. Despite the mutual distrust, they come up with an uneasy partnership and face many odds to adopt the tactics of the Afghani horse soldiers. 12 Strong is undoubtedly a story that needed to be told.