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How To Pick A Women’s Robe

A ladies sleepwear basic, the women’s robe is an essential lingerie style. The majority of women have at least a couple of robes in their wardrobe. But there is so much more to this favorite lingerie style than velour or cotton robes.

The women’s robe has become a must have of every ladies sleepwear wardrobe. Just about every woman has a robe or two in her closet or bathroom. So, what is the fascination with this lingerie style? There are a multitude of reasons. It reflects comfort, relaxation, fashion, and functionality. And there are a multitude of different styles, each yummier than the next.

There are a few basic shapes depending on what you need. The favorite style is the traditional wrap which wraps around the body and ties with a sash around the waist of robe is the wrap that envelops or wraps the wearer and is [secured|fixed|cinched}d at the waist with a long sash]. Alternative robes may have buttons or a front zipper. Here we take a peek of some of the more popular women’s robes.

Different Robes for Different Folks

Luxury robes – also called plush robes, these robes have a luxurious feel and appeatance. They are wonderful gifts that are much appreciated by friends, family and loved ones. Fabric options consist of velour, cashmere, looped terry cloth and Egyption cotton materials. Color options include cool and understated white, and neutral shades like sand. Luxury hotels and spas are famous for pampering their guests with these kinds of robes.

Satin robes – satin is a polyester material that represents luxury and a hint of glamour. More often than not glossy satin sleepwear styles like satin pyjamas or satin nightgowns are sold with their matching robe counterpart. Satin robes are romantic and make perfect honeymoon, bridal shower, or Valentine’s Day gifts. Keep in mind that there are various types of satin fabrics, and cheaper satin will be rough around the edges, seams, and hem. Quality satin is soft and caresses the skin. It is a good idea to opt for a better quality satin fabric when shopping for a gift.

Flannel robes – best known for being a warm and cuddly style of ladies sleepwear. Red plaid is the best known pattern. Flannel sleepwear is usually quite plain though some designs have lace edging or embellishments to dress them up. Thick and dense, this kind of robe is ideal for cold weather and available in a wide variety of fun and wild patterns and prints. This womens sleepwear style is a favorite during the winter months.

Fleece robes – well known for being very soft, thick and warm are fleece and chenille robes. These materials are made of absorbent materials that also retain the body heat, so they are a great choice for lounging around the house or sitting by the fireplace when it gets really cold. And, they are ideal for cooler climates and those cold winter nights. From winter white to merlot this style of womens robe is available in virtually ever color.

So, if you are looking to purchase some lingerie and intimate apparel for yourself or as a special gift for someone you love, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful womens robe. Robes are luxury and comfort all rolled into one. Go with a style and fabric that your sweetheart or yourself loveComputer Technology Articles, and start enjoying this wonderfully comfortable and attractive lingerie style.