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It’s Not Strange, But Fashionable

The more conservative taste you have, the more likely this post will cause lots of buts from your side. But it’s a widespread thing about fashion issues. So this time we are going to have a closer look at the latest trends opposed by those, who are sure style is not about experiments, but about strict following old rules and algorithms. The experts of Cattifly  AutoVillage will help us to find reasonable explanations for the existence of several “strange” offers from the high fashion weeks 2018 .

Leopard and its friends. No matter how loud the haters of animal prints scream, the fact remains the same: clothes with the design are very popular this year. Haven’t you thought it’s a good alternative to killing animals and decorating outfits with their skins? According to Cattifly, wild nature motives bring you closer to nature, give a chance to state “I’m also a part of it” and point out you are able to take care of the surroundings as well, not only of a perfect match for another party. And, yeah, if you stake on animal prints in 2018, please, switch to maximum imagination mode and avoid ordinary color palettes. Rainbow zebra and green leopard are much more eye-catching. Or do you want to remain faceless among other fashion lovers?

Exaggerated doesn’t mean intended to show off. The guys from Cattifly explain: this year really big accessories are not the way to stand out from the crowd. They are just another variant of playing with possible shapes and dimensions presented in the sphere of fashion. Statement rings, massive necklaces and extremely long earrings are welcomed in 2018. If you like authorized extravagance – here you are. You don’t have to stick to limitations connected with the size of accessories anymore. And remember such tricks are also very useful if you need to correct some visual asymmetry of the face Used Audi A1 Cars for Sale Ascot.

Dad’s sneakers and mom’s jeans. Whatever you hear from ill-wishers, the two trends are on top of the best fashion ideas of the year. The experts of Cattifly add they comply both with the high requirements to the level of comfort and with so-called eco-tendencies, which state you have to use things as long as possible. Right. Authentic clothes of the kind are not sold in different shops, so you can be sure no friend of yours will have the same item in the wardrobe. Moreover, dad’s sneakers and mom’s jeans are so multipurpose. If you match them together, you’ll get an outstanding casual outfit. It you combine dad’s sneakers with a summer dress, you’ll have a cute, but rebellious look for a party or even going out with you near and dear. And if you put on mom’s jeans with a luxurious blouse and classical pumps – you’ll be ready to follow to a restaurant or even to a formal meeting.

Do you still consider these clothes strange?